What is an adaptation? A structural change to the property to help people to continue to live independently in their own home. There are two levels of adaptation:

  • There are minor adaptations for testing purposes.
This is usually a small amount of work which would make a world of difference to a client. For example: fitting extra grab rails in and around the property, adding an additional stair rail, small ramps, shower seats, a half step into an entrance and so on.
  • And there are major adaptations.
These are on a larger scale for example installing a level access shower, building an extension or fitting a stair lift.

Here at TE Beaumont and Son Construction we offer a range of adaptions works to assist daily living. Ramps, door widening, room reconfiguration, level access bathrooms, fitting equipment such as grab rails, shower seats and handrails are just some of the services we offer. We are an approved local authority contractor and have completed numerous adaptions projects including the installation of Geberit wash and dry toilets.

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Project one

We created a ramp to the entrance and also an adapted bathroom.

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